Hitting your goals online

In the last two decades, technology has affected everyone’s way of life. Brands such as Google and Facebook are well known to all in the modern world and have changed the way we do things, how we interact and how we live.

This also applies to managing our finances.

We can access applications that enable us to see everything in one place; our savings, investments, pensions and bank accounts, to give us a true snapshot of our “wealth”.

We can use technology to plan for our future and set financial goals. In doing so, we can work out where we are today, where we would like to be and what we need to do to get there. We can then take action to start working towards our goals.

However, we should regularly monitor our progress towards our goals, and we can now track how our money is doing 24/7, through our phone, ipad, TV and even our watch!

And if we’re a little short of our target, the technology projects the shortfall and lets us top-up online with a debit card.

Technology is revolutionising the way we manage our finances, enabling us to be better informed and empowered to reach our financial goals. Engaging with a modern financial planner who has embraced this technology enables us to benefit from an enhanced and more interactive experience.

Dafydd Edwards is Managing Director of Tudor House Chartered Financial Planners.

“modern financial planning with traditional values”